The only


journey is the

one you never


I have learned, through plenty of experience, that suffering is optional.

Emotional suffering can be transformed into gratitude and physical suffering, if not entirely optional, can be minimized and your quality of life can be improved dramatically. You don’t have to suffer with anxiousness or negative feelings like anger, guilt, shame, sadness, fear and loneliness. You don’t have to live with stress, extra weight, digestive issues, or binge eating. You don’t have to be scared about your pregnancy or natural birth experience.

You can learn to manage or alleviate physical and emotional pain, improve your communication skills and get a new lease on life. I can teach you how to tap into your subconscious mind, decode its messages and your body’s signals, master where you put your attention, and replace beliefs that no longer serve you with the empowered mindset that is your birthright. Learning these skills makes the world a more enjoyable place, for you and everyone with whom you interact. Life becomes a joy instead of a chore; a gift instead of a curse.

When you think about it, it seems obvious, that our minds are intricately relating to our bodies…If we think of an unpleasant memory, we may unconsciously clench our jaw or tighten our shoulders. If we find ourselves thinking fearful thoughts, our heart rate will probably increase, our mouths water when we think of sucking on a lemon….… and when we think of a special place or a loved one, we feel our tensions melt away and a look of calm comes over our face. All of that can happen with just a thought.

Unwanted habits or discomforts in the body are often our subconscious mind trying to get a message through to us. Our bodies speak in metaphors. For instance, someone with foot problems may not be “able to stand” being in their acrimonious marriage. Someone with neck pain may feel they are “carrying a heavy load” on their shoulders. Someone with indigestion may have issues from their past from which they have yet to heal or have not been able “digest.” If a person is holding onto emotional difficulties, that might result in constipation.

There are ways to get in touch with these messages and signals. There are ways to determine if you are veering off your path, and ways to get back onto it.

Consider these common expressions which convey our subconscious awareness of the mind-body connection:


“I just cannot stomach the thought of that.”

“That leaves a bad taste in my mouth.”

“Something about that just smells off.” 

“That makes my skin crawl.” 

“Listen to your gut.”

Are you:


Habitually using food for comfort, filled with feelings of shame about your actions and/or your body?

Afraid to speak your truth or not even sure what it is?

Tired of feeling anxious, angry or sad?

Desiring a more intimate relationship with your partner?

Wanting to start a family or expecting a new baby?

Ready to conquer your fears and bring more joy into your life?