Wynne VanBuskirk, Violinist

Wynne VanBuskirk is a professional violinist with over 4 decades of experience who works in the DFW area. Versatile in her skills, she is classically trained, but eclectically inclined. She has performed as both a member and substitute of several professional symphony orchestras, as well as a soloist, chamber musician, gypsy violinist, and also as a recording artist in collaboration with other musicians in a wide variety of musical styles. A few notable names of popular artists with whom she has performed are Crystal Gayle, Ray Price, David Foster, Cheryl Crow, Billy Joel, Sarah McLaughlin, Andrea Bocelli, Sir Elton John, and James Taylor.

While busy with her two children and career as a teacher of Mind Body Integration she still makes time to play regularly. Wynne enjoys playing as a substitute violinist with the East Texas Symphony Orchestra and performing chamber music with her friends. She also enjoys teaching motivated students of all ages.

When she is not working, playing or teaching music, or studying one of her many areas of interest, she likes to sing and dance in unexpected places, do yoga, go antiquing, hike in the mountains, visit art museums, play with her dog, and laugh uncontrollably with her friends.


The Beginning

Wynne Meisenbach got a very early start to her musical career when she began studying the violin at the age of three (after having begged her mother for eighteen months). She was performing professionally with her family by the age of four, and took up piano lessons at the age of five. Also at the age of five she performed on a P.B.S. special featuring gifted young musicians.


Age 5, Posing for a Dallas Morning News photographer with her mother.

Age 7

At the age of seven, she was the featured guest on an episode the children’s television show, Mr. Peppermint. She made her debut as a violin soloist with the Richardson Symphony Orchestra at the age of ten, and performed again as a soloist the following year with the Arkady Fomin’s Summer Conservatory Orchestra at the University of Texas at Dallas.


Age 8, as a contestant in the Dallas Symphonic Festival


Age 11, performing as a soloist with the Summer Conservatory Orchestra at the University of Texas at Dallas, Christian Tiemeyer, conductor.


College Level Training

She began her college level training at age 11 when she became a pupil of renowned violinist Robert Davidovici, at the University of North Texas. She began composing at the age of twelve and added voice lessons at age thirteen. After graduating from Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Dallas with a concentration in music, she attended the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music as a student of Naoko Tanaka and Dorothy DeLay. Subsequently she studied violin with Motoi Takeda in Dallas

Caught on camera while in a practice room at the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music

After College

After teaching violin and performing as a symphony musician in Dallas and the Dominican Republic, she switched gears, studied acting, and became a member of the ensemble with the Dallas Children’s Theater. She returned to music in 1996 and performed as a soloist with the Las Colinas Symphony Orchestra in 1997. Having always had an interest in Gypsy and Eastern European Folk music, she threw caution to the wind and moved to Hungary where she studied Gypsy music and performed as the violinist in a Gypsy band.


A promotional shot taken prior to moving to Hungary



Upon returning to the United States in 1998, She resumed  performing with orchestras such as the East Texas Symphony Orchestra, The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, The Plano Symphony Orchestra, The Las Colinas Symphony Orchestra, and the The Garland Symphony Orchestra. She performed as the violinist in the Violin and Cello Duo, Joie de Deux from 1999-2013. Joie de Deux performed as the house ensemble of North Park Center in Dallas, Texas for three years, and  the duo was highly sought after to perform for the elite social events in DFW. They released a recording of Christmas music arranged specifically for them by pianist and Composer Al Leonard in 2001. “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” by Joie de Deux is available through iTunes and all other online music stores (YouTube Art Tracks, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, Deezer, Groove, Rhapsody, eMusic, Simfy Africa, iHeartRadio, MediaNet, VerveLife, Tidal, Gracenote, Shazam, 7Digital, Juke, Slacker, Guvera, KKBox, Akazoo, Anghami, Spinlet, Neurotic Media, Yandex, Target Music, ClaroMusica, Zvooq, Saavn, 8tracks, NMusic, Q.Sic, Cur, Musicload, Kuack).


With Cellist, Pearce Meisenbach, in a promotional shot for Joie de Deux.

After performing with the East Texas Symphony Orchestra, in 2016, with some fellow violinist friends.

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